Sydney-based architecture and design studio, Fuse Architecture has partnered with Kingdom Culture Christian School (KCCS) to build an innovative school that would train students to become the next Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

A first for Australia, the new Entrepreneur School will be built based on the design principles one would usually find at Google or Apple headquarters. Boasting state-of-the-art amenities, the new building will further empower students with the strength and vision to influence the world beyond their means.

Driven by the three Cs - Creativity, Collaboration and Critical thinking – the school will provide students access to multiple breakout spaces, smart classrooms, open-plan learning spaces and an inspiration domain to better learn about the great entrepreneurs of the world, past and present.

Kingdom Culture Christian School founder Ben Irawan comments that the school is ahead of its time and the major building project will help bring the world the next big entrepreneurs.

“Some research shows that up to 30 percent of jobs will be filled through automation and the like over the next 10-15 years. So we need to think about education differently, preparing children not for tests but for the real world - a world that even we adults don’t fully grasp due to rapid technological changes.

“At our school, we focus on crucial skills such as public speaking, entrepreneurial thinking, collaboration, critical thinking and investment management. Every morning a student will come to school and take part in a ‘job’ in order to earn KCCS dollars, be it tidying up part of the classroom or closing the blinds. Students can even be promoted to teachers’ aide through hard work and initiative, just like in the real world.

“At the end of the week, the students can ‘bank’ their hard earned money or spend it at the shop on snacks, cool drinks or even toys. Thanks to a curriculum and school building that truly helps students understand how the real world works, who knows, maybe the next Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos will be a graduate of Kingdom Culture Christian School."

Director of Fuse Architecture, Rachid Andary underlined the need for Australian schools to have access to the same fun and inspiring experiential spaces created for startups and tech-giants of the world.

“Just as it increases productivity and overall happiness at somewhere like Google, social and informal learning spaces that encourage sharing and collaboration are key to nurturing a curious and productive mind. We need to get out of the shadow of the industrial school model and start thinking about what is best for the kids of today.”

Designed with collaboration in mind, the new school features learning spaces layered with a deliberate learning intent. Additionally, flexible floorplates facilitate quick and easy layout changes similar to a modern-day workplace.

Enrolments are open now for KCCS’ Entrepreneur School, which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2020.