SafeClad is a new accreditation service for aluminium panel installers. According to the Fairview who worked with Master Builders consulting on the development of the new SafeClad training program, it is the first accreditation service of its kind in Australia.

SafeClad’s new program highlights the risks involved in cladding medium to high rise residential and commercial buildings, and delivers the latest aluminium panel safe cladding practices from the installer, manufacturer and peak body perspectives.

Upon successful completion of the program, installers will receive certification from Master Builders with a SafeClad accreditation.

Master Builders’ SafeClad programs currently include two structured programs:

  • Awareness Session: The 3-hour session, taking place on Monday 23 July, 2018, is for commercial builders, developers, project managers, architects and engineers who are engaged in construction projects where aluminium-based cladding is, or may be, installed
  • Assessment: This 1-day program is open to installers or subcontractors who are currently working with aluminium cladding panels and will take place in a simulated environment observed by an MBA assessor. There will also be written knowledge questions. This program is currently available on Monday 13th, Monday 20th and Monday 27th of August 2018.

For more information on the SafeClad courses, contact 02 8586 3588 or [email protected]