London studio Gravity has developed a new augmented reality app that will allow users to create digital models with Lego bricks, without the need for complex computer software.

Called LEGO X, the system uses a series of gyroscopic sensors to map the location and orientation of each Lego brick, allowing digital models of creations to be generated as they are built in real-time.

After a model is built with the toy pieces, an algorithm will smooth out its edges and corners while maintaining the general shape of the object. The file can then be converted to a 3D printable model, which can be scaled to any size.

Although the current prototype uses larger Duplo bricks, Gravity hopes to integrate the next iteration into standard Lego size bricks.

Gravity was founded by Innovation Design Engineering students at the Royal College of Art, London, and is currently working on manufacturing Gravity Sketch , a pen and pad that allows 3D objects to be drawn in mid-air.