Located in Queensland’s Lamington National Park in Australia, Aspect Architecture’s ‘O’Reilly’s Campground’ is a rainforest retreat deeply connected to its surrounding environment.

The project includes a series of new functional buildings, such as a camp kitchen, gathering spaces, fire pit and amenities buildings, designed and constructed using sustainable building practices.

The retreat’s skeletal structural elements are reflective of a tree canopy, which provides shelter whilst protecting vast views to the surrounding mountain ranges.

In order to protect the pristine natural environment, aspect architecture has constructed O’Reilly’s Campground using sustainable building practices.

These include lightweight construction using sustainably sourced timber, on site sewer treatment, rainwater collection, passive solar access, cross ventilation, vegetation preservation and natural light.

Furthermore, the architecture seeks to enhance visitors’ connection to the surrounding environment by providing shelter while offering unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains.

O’Reilly’s Campground is the second in queensland to be approved to be run by a private organisation. The project seeks to provide the best experience for users as well as the best environmental outcome for the site. the campground has been developed for all through universal design and accessibility, offering an authentic camping experience amid australia’s rainforests.