We all know the icon for a toilet, but what does an icon for sustainability look like? And what sort of icons should architecture have?

These are some of the questions BVN will explore and answer in its first ever ‘Icons for Architecture’ Iconathon Workshops, which examines how iconography can be used to explain architectural ideas.

“An Iconathon is like a hackathon but for icons. Small groups of people, necessarily architects and graphic designers, as well as those passionate about iconography, come together to make something really useful in just a few hours,” explains BVN.

“There is a challenge to identify and then draw a memorable icon in less than three hours.”

Run as an IconLocal through The Noun Project, the workshops form part of the social design movement around the world. It is open to those who need to communicate architectural ideas but often find that there isn’t an easy language to do so.

The workshops will run in Sydney and Brisbane simultaneously on Friday 28 November, from 3pm (2pm in Brisbane) to 6pm.

In Sydney at BVN, Level 11, 255 Pitt Street – register here http://bit.ly/1Fl4wg4

In Brisbane at BVN, Level 4, 12 Creek Street – register here http://bit.ly/1Fl4wg4