The Australian Graduate survey has once again shown Architecture & Building to have the highest salary disparity between genders of any industry.

The GradStats report by Graduate Careers Australia found males graduating in the Architecture & Building field in 2012 had a median salary of $52,000 while it was $43,000 for female graduates.

The difference is now 17 per cent, up from 14 per cent reported in the same survey last year.

Released this month, the figures were compiled from the annual Australian Graduate Survey (AGS), a study of the activities of new higher education graduates around four months after the completion of their qualifications.

The survey results also show that 36 per cent of architecture graduates were still looking for full-time work, compared to about 17 per cent of building graduates, 25 per cent of urban planning graduates and 23 per cent of all graduates.

Some deeper analysis on the report is being done by research and discussion website Parlour: women, equity, architecture, which considers a number of questions the graduate gender pay gap raises and the wider context.

You can download current (2012) and previous editions of GradStats PDF from the Graduate Careers website.