Architectural design firm Cottee Parker has continued its national expansion with offices being established in Sydney and Perth. 

The firm’s managing director, Matthew Caswell, says the ability to offer a national presence for the development industry is an essential part in what Cottee Parker hopes to achieve over the coming years.

“By expanding into Sydney and Perth we have been able to strengthen the resilience of the business to any downturn and with the advent of cloud servers we are now able to draw upon staff in any of the offices to work on a project, should one office get busy,” says Caswell.

According to the MD, the impact the expansion will have is particularly beneficial to developers, allowing them to cast a wider net and strengthen interstate relationships.

“The most immediate benefit is for our clients who are Sydney-based and are working on projects in other states,” he says.

“The new Sydney office allows them a way to have ready contact with their architect without having to travel as much themselves.

“A further benefit from having a more diverse practice in both Perth and Sydney coming online, is that we have been able to attract architects with some fantastic skills that have really strengthened the service offering that we are now able to provide our clients.”

Caswell says the future for Cottee Parker may entail a revival of projects in regional areas where the firm has been most active, from Northern NSW to Far North Queensland.