The winners of the 2019 Architecture Drawing Prize have been announced. This year’s overall winner is German architect Anton Markus Pasing, for his work entitled ‘City in a box: paradox memories’. 

Each year, submissions are invited in three categories: Hand-Drawn, Digital and Hybrid. This year saw a total of 126 entries from 26 countries, with the majority of applicants being architects (24 percent) and students (20 percent). 

The 2019 overall winner was chosen from the Digital category:

‘City in a box: paradox memories’ by Anton Markus Pasing

City in a box: paradox memories

This work depicts an unknown city full of stories, enclosed in a box. Until this box is opened, the city remains in a state that is simultaneously real and non-existent. 

According to Pasing, he chose to use a digital format to achieve complex representations while also being able to clearly illustrate the narrative aspects of his work. 

“I thought the level of depth, the confidence in composition, the pure symmetry and strong perspective really emphasised the simplicity of the notion of the box. You want to look at the drawing for days on end,” says jury member Narinder Sagoo, senior partner at Foster + Partners, in a comment to ArchDaily. 



masterplan rudrapur bangladesh

Winner: Masterplan Rudrapur, Bangladesh, Anna Heringer, Studio Anna Heringer

Chosen as the winner in a long list of entries, Heringer’s work depicts a masterplan of  Rudrapur, Bangladesh embroidered over an upcycled sari blanket. It represents the sustainability of the area, with ponds bamboo being used as the primary material for house building, and gardens being used for food production. The blanket was stitched together using vernacular and modern mud-bamboo structures, making a statement that quality of life should revolve around elevating the existing, rather than material consumption. 

The jury praised Heringer’s use of collaborative drawing and noted that this work is proof that drawing is malleable; it does not need to be done with pen and paper but rather can be any form of line-making.

Disappearing Hong Kong

Commended: Disappearing Hong Kong, Man Yan Lam, Condition Lab, School of Architecture, CUHK

denis andernach stelzenhaus iii

Commended: Stelzenhaus III (stilt-house), Denis Andernach, Bau Eins Architekten

Scrovegni Chapel

Commended: Scrovegni Chapel - Worksheet, Ben Johnson, artist

Drawing Architecture, Michael Lewis, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Commended: Drawing Architecture, Michael Lewis, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Louis Sullivan Ark City

Commended: Ark City, viewed from flood level, passing through London, Eric Wong, Louis Sullivan, Colette Roberts Camina and Christopher Canada


Commended: Odlums quarter, masterplan for a museum and art hub at Dublin port, Sarah Delanchy, Urban-Agency architects


Commended: Descriptive Synthesis; Spatial Fluidity, Danni Tian, Descrise Studio



Metabolism of a Dementia Nation

Winner: Metabolist of a Dementia Nation, Jerome Ng

This hybrid work depicts an alternative vision for Singapore’s Golden Mile Complex, a landmark residential development and example of 1970s Metabolism that is at threat of demolition. This vision is one in which the building is saved, allowing residents to forge new memories while still giving space to the past. 

A previous winner of the Architecture Drawing Prize Hybrid Category, the jury has praised Ng for his ability to introduce life, detail and observational skills to his work as well as joy and eye for colour.

Felix_Cheong The_Sea_Vault

Commended: The Sea Vault, Felix Cheong, Felix K. Cheong Works

Laurie_Chetwood The_Phoenix_Towers

Commended: The Phoenix Towers, Laurie Chetwood, Chetwoods


Laurie_Chetwood The_Phoenix_Towers

Winner: City in a box: paradox memories, Anton Markus Pasing, remote-controlled


Commended: Museum of Oblivion Memory I Section, Jessica D'Toste, University of Manitoba


Commended: Perspective of various designs for Hong Kong Palace Museum, Yat Chi Tse, The Bartlett UCL


Commended: Fireplace, Down House 2099, Daniela Yaneva, University of Greenwich