Architects have been revealed for the redesign of Sydney Brutalist icon the Sirius building, which the NSW Government sold to JDH Capital for $150 million.

According to the developer, much of the exterior will be retained, with the main focus being on internal refurbishment to increase the number of units from 79 to 89, and creatintg retail and commercial spaces at the ground level.

The developer has chosen BVN Architecture, Architectus, Urbis and Richard Crookes Construction to collaborate on the design, planning and construction of this project.

The building’s sale will see $150 million put towards building new social housing dwellings, according to minister for water, property and housing, Melinda Pavey. The new dwellings are expected to provide housing for approximately 630 people.

Some have questioned the building’s high price tag, with experts noting that very few additional apartments will be added, paired with expected high costs to bring the building up to code while adhering to heritage restrictions. However, the developer (which until now only had a few smaller holdings) has assured that it is aware of the potential challenges of the project and has factored these into the cost projections.

The sale of Sirius for redevelopment represents an end to years of uncertainty in which social housing residents fought to save their home, with architects and Sydney-siders alike speculating that the building would be demolished to make way for luxury residences. 

Uncertainty still remains as to the future of Sydney's social housing, with a number of significant inner-city structures being torn down or at threat of redevelopment for other purposes.