Young architecture and design professionals are among those most likely to have entrepreneurial ambitions in the country, according to recent research by local design schools.

The new study by CATC Design School and Billy Blue College of Design drew this conclusion from a survey of 1,500 Australian workers aged 18-35, which revealed that over 80 per cent of designers want to work for themselves or start their own business, well above the 65 per cent average of professionals in other industries and sectors.

The design and creative fields category included interiors, architecture/design, graphic and industrial design, as well as web, digital, photography, creative arts, fashion, film, TV & video production. Of the 1,500 respondents overall, 157 were from this category.

Close to 78 per cent of designers and creatives are much more likely to say they are ‘following their passion’ in comparison with just 55 per cent from other sectors. Additionally, 71 per cent of young designers believe in the value of higher education in career advancement.

While appreciating the entrepreneurial ambitions of the young designers, Prof. Helmut Lueckenhausen, the Executive Dean of Design at CATC Design School and Billy Blue College of Design, also emphasised the importance for young designers to be well prepared for multi-tasking when running their own business.

Lueckenhausen observed that ensuring a steady stream of work was one of the major challenges for new design businesses, and required a solid business plan, a strong marketing strategy, a broad network of potential clients, the right connections, and the resolve to be in for the long haul.

He also recommended further education as a great first step for young design professionals starting their entrepreneurial journey. In addition to gaining new skills and experience, further education would also help them make new connections with mentors and industry experts as well as other students.