Swedish designer Anya Sebton has created a practical storage system that doubles as a display unit for magazines and plants.

The Add storage unit, which Sebton designed for Swedish furniture brand Lammhults, features a thin, concertinaed rectangular steel frame.

Each frame sits on a circular cast-iron footplate, with the option for a swivel version.

The frames can stand-alone or be linked together to form room dividers and come in either wide or narrow sizes.

Plastic boxes have been designed specifically to slot inside the frames, giving users a space to display plants, while perforated iron boxes were created to hold magazines, books or brochures.

Closed iron boxes can also be added for hiding objects away.

The frame can also be converted into an open clothes rack by fixing on an aluminium rail and hooks.

Umbrellas can also have a place to live, with a stand able to be clipped onto the outside of the structure.

Sebton said that she aimed to design "one frame that could include different functions and still be a part of the decoration in the room."

Courtesy Dezeen