The Australian National University (ANU) has revealed Kambri, a new innovation and culture precinct designed by BVN. One Canberra’s biggest construction projects since the new Parliament House, the precinct has been designed to enhance the relationship between the university and the city and establish itself as a vibrant new precinct in Canberra.

Kambri incorporates two of Australia’s largest mass timber construction buildings, 450-bed student accommodation and a five-storey collaborative teaching building.

“Both buildings set a new standard for reduced carbon footprint, construction innovation and wellness,” says BVN lead architect and co-CEO Ninotschka Titchkosky.

“The student accommodation building was also the first building in Australia to use a new prefabricated façade system that enabled 13-metre-long fully complete brick façade sections to be installed within 20 minutes.”

Kambri includes:

  • The culture and events building with a 500-seat large auditorium and a 200-seat flexible space, both with retractable seating
  • A 200-seat cinema and a drama theatre used for teaching and cultural events
  • A new student hub that brings student services and student groups into one building
  • A teaching building which is a non-departmentally owned space with seminar and informal learning spaces
  • A health and wellbeing building
  • A pool and gym combined facility