Australian-based PTW Architects – responsible for Brazzaville’s golden stadium—are busy building up their Algerian portfolio and have announced two new large-scale projects for the African country.

The construction for the Constantine Exhibition Centre and the Constantine Zenith Theatre are both underway and due to be completed by 2015.

The Constantine Exhibition Centre (below) has been designed by PTW in collaboration with CCDI architects and stage one of the development is expected to top $40 million. The architects say the design is based on the triangle, which is a basic geometric element of Arabic patterns and responsive to the local culture. This shape also informs the arrangement and patterning of the building’s façade which overhangs the internal glazing structure and houses the building’s three exhibition halls.

The project is expecting an early 2015 completion in time for the 2015 Arab Arts festival, which will be held in Constantine, Algeria.

The 40,000sqm Zenith Theatre (below) was also designed in association with CCDI and comes with a $50 million price tag. A large Zenith music hall for a maximum of 3,000 spectators and two further theatres will be housed within the three storey monolithic construct. The theatres are situated across three large horizontal planes that cascade down the site’s steep slope and create a generous public space for the people of Constantine.

The architects claim that local and cultural references have been used as part of the design principles for both buildings, making solid references for Constantine, a city with a strong character and rich history.

Images: PTW.