The South Australian outback resembled something similar to the pod racing-crazed planet of Tatooine last month, with two flying cars racing against one another, indicating that a high-speed aerial racing competition isn’t too far away from becoming a reality.

Manufactured by Alauda Aeronautics, the vehicles fly 10 metres above the ground and reach speeds of more than 100km/h. Electric flying car racing authority Airspeeder carried out the test. Alauda hopes the vehicles will be able to eventually carry pilots, as they were flown by remote control during the test.

"Race events will see a grid of full-scale electric flying cars known as 'speeders' race blade-to-blade in landscapes where motorsport has never been before," the company says in a statement.

"(Pilots) will play the same role pioneer racing drivers did at the genesis of the automotive and aviation eras in accelerating a new mobility revolution."

"(We have) created the motor racing arm of this new form of transport, and with it a place and a space for the industry to rapidly develop key safety, performance and digital technologies.

"This will hasten the arrival of electric flying cars that promise to liberate urban environments from congestion through a clean-air form of advanced aviation mobility."

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Image: CNET