The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) says it welcomes the International Federation of Landscape Architects’ (IFLA) Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Declaration which was made at the IFLA World Congress in Oslo, Norway this week.

“This is a critical move by IFLA and we’re very supportive of the Declaration which mirrors much of what was in AILA’s recent Climate and Biodiversity Loss Emergency declaration,” says AILA CEO, Tim Arnold.

“Anything that adds further attention to the issues our planet is facing is a welcomed moved and we look forward to supporting the actions IFLA has mapped out.”

The move comes following the unanimous support of the 77 voting nations of IFLA and it maps out an action plan of what IFLA will do in response to the issues the globe is facing.

“The earth has continued to experience record breaking temperatures, rapid glacial and artic sea ice loss, drought and wildfires and repeated extreme weather events,” says IFLA president, James Hayter.

“Climate change has already significantly affected the majority of terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems and species.”

“By declaring an emergency we’re adding to the voice of IFLA to the growing list of organisations across the globe who are demanding more action.”  

“Landscape architects must take leadership in this era of climate change. We must stand up for the values upon which our profession is founded. We have the skills and the belief. The world needs and depends on us to help with the issue,” he says.