The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) has announced the official launch of the website for the 2018 International Festival of Landscape Architecture: ‘The Expanding Field’, which is set to be held on the Gold Coast 11-14 October.

  According to AILA CEO, Tim Arnold, “AILA is very excited to announce the launch of the website, it’s a big milestone in the process of launching AILA’s key event for the year, with the Festival being a means of connecting members, promoting discourse in the field, as well as promoting Landscape Architecture to the public and putting our profession in the spotlight”.

In support of the 2018 International Festival, the Queensland University of Technology School of Design says that it is “delighted to be the education partner for the 2018 International Festival of Landscape Architecture.”

According to a spokesperson for AILA, the industry body is looking “forward to the response and further support from our members and other industry allies”.