The Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Queensland Chapter have called on parties participating in the 31 January state election to illustrate their built environment policies and respond to the AIA’s advice for achieving quality outcomes in this sector.

The Institute has called for improved and more autonomous conditions for the Office of the Queensland Government Architect, the protection of symbolically important public assets and a minimum design standard for high density living environments as part of its plea for a robust built environment.

The AIA says that the ongoing liveability and prosperity of QLD will become increasingly reliant on the quality of its built environment and is thus seeking responses from all political parties and candidates to how they might provide efficient, sustainable and productive infrastructure for the state.

The Institute outlined the following key priorities that would ultimately lead to the long-term benefit of all Queenslanders:

  1. Retention, improved resourcing and independent authority for the Office of the Queensland Government Architect.
  2. Minimum design standards for high density living environments.
  3. Protection and preservation of valuable and symbolically important public assets within the Government’s Queens Wharf Project area.
  4. Review of government building and infrastructure procurement practices to enable better value for money outcomes as demonstrated through the Orgill report.

“Intelligent policies that promote a safe, prosperous and sustainable Queensland will benefit our communities now and long into the future,” Chapter President, Richard Kirk said.

“We need to ensure these issues are on the radar of our politicians.”