According to CNN, Adidas has taken 1.8 million plastic bottles and turned them into a football field - all with the goal of preventing the waste bottles from polluting the ocean.

CNN quotes the company, which says that the plastic was, “washed and treated before it was transformed into infill, which was used to build the artificial field,” as noted the German sports apparel maker, the plastic bottles were all “sourced from remote islands, beaches, coastal communities and shorelines.”

"We believe that through sport we have the power to change lives, and this field is a demonstration of our taking action on that belief," Cameron Collins, the North America director of football at Adidas, noted in a statement to CNN.

 "More than a place for these young athletes to play, it's a reminder of our collective responsibility to end plastic waste," says Collins.

Adidas donated the field made from the plastic bottles to Miami Edison High School, which is a short drive away from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, the site of the recent Super Bowl NFL final.

Image: Adidas