A timber treehouse by Hawkins/Brown has become a welcome addition to London’s Oily Cart Theatre, helping to bring theatre to audiences who might not otherwise have the chance to experience it.

The London-based architects attached a bright yellow aluminium lift, dotted with black and white spots, onto the building’s original, soot-coated brick façade to provide access to the theatre for disabled children.

The lift opens up onto the new top floor office interior, which includes an indoor treehouse suspended from the ceiling.

The treehouse is a bright and tactile space where children who might have multiple or complex learning difficulties can learn, play and interact with the theatre experience.

Circular cutouts perforate the timber cube room, mimicking the spots on the outdoor lift, as well as scented bubbles often used in the theater’s productions.  

The treehouse extends up to the roof and features skylights that fill the space with natural light.

Courtesy Dezeen