A Geelong developer has been knocked back after trying to make his development more pop culturally relevant with Game of Thrones-inspired street names.

Marketing genius that the idea might have been, the City of Greater Geelong voted to change one of the street names after a local resident complained about implications of incest and megalomania.

The name that was taken issue with was inspired by the Lannister family. Speaking to the Geelong Advertiser, developer Gary Smith said the resident specifically objected to the taboo relationship between twins Cersei and Jamie Lannister. Following the complaint, Smith even tried to modify the street name to Lannaster, but ultimately the Office of Geographic Names decided the signpost defied their guidelines for street names.

“[Street names] must not be detrimental to the preservation of longstanding community values,” council administrator Laurinda Gardner told Geelong Advertiser.

Despite the hiccup, Smith still has plenty of naming ideas for his Charlemont Rise development. Future residents could yet find themselves living on Winterfell Road, Greyjoy Street or Baelish Drive. At this stage, it seems murder and the arrangement of child brides have passed the community values test.