Dutch design studio Mieke Meijer has played with the idea of multi-functionality, with their unconventional stair installation – Object élevé.

Made of oak facades supported on black steel framework, the structure combines storage and access to the upper floor via a series of open frame boxes.

The top and bottom of the staircase remain disconnected, with users climbing over the integrated desk and shelving unit to reach the suspended upper section. 

The design is based on the ‘Samba’ system of alternating steps to allow the staircase to rise at a steep angle, while still remaining comfortable to walk up and down.

To further maximize space and functionality, the desk at the bottom of the installation can be moved and repositioned as required, while the array of shelving serves as space to display or store books, plants and ornaments.

Mieke Meijer was commissioned by designer Just Haasnoot to create the stairs for his 1930s home in The Hague, Holland.

Courtesy Home Harmonizing