A+ design group's 'smart' townhome development in Norwest, titled 'Essentia' has received a gold award in the Sydney Design Awards* 2020 in the Architecture-Residential-Constructed category.

Essentia is headed by Tony Leung who handcrafted the winning architecture design work of the Essentia townhomes.

This award celebrates the design process and the end-product of planning, designing and constructing space, form and ambience that reflects functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations.

This includes analysing materials, technology, light and shadow to respond to behavioural science understandings.

Leung, founder and CEO of A+ Design Group, said the architecture of Essentia is about diversity with human scale in mind. 

“The external design is varied in texture, material and colour, so that each home has its own identity. The facades have a sense of depth and relief, with materials and colour tones that complement the natural surrounds.

“The design intent is to capture the simple elements of life – the breath of wind, the cross flowing air, the sense of shelter, the diversity of textures, forms and material palette, as well as the playful articulation of shadow and light. The design also draws energy from the sun.

“A pillar in the design, there is a central meeting place surrounded by terraces that brings the community together – a wellness centre that is reminiscent of the riparian corridor providing a meeting place for all life forms.  The wellness centre features a pool, gym, library and yoga retreat that is filled with light, and an outdoor BBQ area surrounded by lush landscaping.”

Mulpha Developments Executive General Manager Tim Spencer says winning this award was welcome recognition for the quality, design and innovations of Essentia.

“This development is not only architecturally designed with beautiful finishes,but is emotionally designed. A home is someone’s castle, the place that embodies their interpretation of their life journey and is the place that enriches their today in order to shape their tomorrow – I believe Essentia has delivered on the design brief of ‘homes for your soul’.”

“All 74 of the newly constructed Essentia townhomes on Fairway Drive in Norwest also integrate the latest smart technology with wellness-in-design principles to create a healthier and more energy-efficient living environment.  

“This year, with so many people working and sharing their home space in new ways, people have realised the value of a well-designed home, in supporting a healthy lifestyle as part of a vibrant, connected community.”