GroupGSA has designed 7 Eleven, Starbucks and Wither’s Family’s new office, located in Richmond, the move brought staff working in two buildings, into one. 

The new headquarters site therefore, focused on the idea of connection, “promoting the idea of making the ordinary extraordinary by using voids punched into the floor-plates to connect floors via sight and sound,” according to GroupGSA.

The existing stairwell was enlarged and refurbished to improve vertical connecting, whilst collaborative areas incorporated adaptable furniture and mobile whiteboard to support greater user choice and control.

A variety of simple-to-use, flexible workspaces were also key features, alongside a test kitchen, café and shop.

The client’s brand story is told in 3D via wayfinding, value culture and mission statements. Chalk-drawn column art creates an imperfect personality within the space. 

GroupGSA artists intentionally draw them to have a short lifespan so that visualisation of the brand story becomes a fluid, evolving project. 

“The finished design creates a highly effective small community with space supporting focus, collaboration, individual and teamwork. Adding a café and shop further includes other community components beyond the home.”