Thomas Heatherwick, of Heatherwick Studio, has come up with a concept to shelter a microcosm of lush vegetation beneath a fractured desert surface in Abu Dhabi’s ‘Al Fayah Park’.

Located in the heart of the city, the 125,000 square metre park has been designed as a series of fragmented canopies that are elevated to form a three-dimensional landscape and provide shade for a “sunken oasis”.

A network of multifunctional social spaces have been envisioned for the park, including cafés, a library, mosque, pools and streams, as well as indoor and outdoor arenas for live performances and local festivities.

The public areas will be cooled by a plethora of plants and community gardens, which will also grow organic produce for local restaurants.

In addition to providing shade for the park’s plants and patrons, the overhead canopy aims to reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation, in turn improving the park’s overall energy efficiency and sustainability.

Courtesy Arch Daily