The jury for the 2017 Victorian Premier’s Design Awards showcases a diverse line-up of Australian and international design experts.

Comprising 21 industry veterans, the jury illustrates the variety of design disciplines represented at the awards. Their expertise spans all eight categories of the awards: architectural design, communication design, design strategy, digital design, fashion design, product design, service design and student design.

A new judging process will be implemented in 2017, which will see entries evaluated over two stages. The first stage will take place online, and will culminate in a shortlist of projects. A smaller selection of judges will then meet face-to-face to evaluate the remaining entries.

The Victorian Premier’s Design Awards recognises and rewards Victorian designers and architects that display design excellence through a broad range of applications. Entries for the 2017 awards close 1 September 2017.

The 2017 jury:

Celina Clarke (Australia)

Celina Clarke is a Melbourne-based industrial designer who co-founded ISM Objects in 1990. She is the chair of the 2017 jury panel.

Chris Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

Chris Wilkinson is the founder and director of WilkinsonEyre Architects. His particular area of interest is where architecture bridges art and science.

Kylie Savage (Australia)

As the director of meaningful business for Huddle Design, Kylie Savage works with leadership teams in large corporate and government agencies.

Michael Young (United Kingdom and Hong Kong)

Michael Young is the founder and director of Michael Young Design Studio. The studio specialises in creating modern design and exploring the endless possibilities of Asia’s technological ingenuity.

Michelle Gilmore (Australia)

Michelle Gilmore is the founder and director of behaviour-centred design company, Neo. Her specialties include service design, industrial design, user experience design, facilitation, workshops, design strategy, design research, and user testing.

Thomas Lockwood (USA)

Thomas Lockwood is the founding partner of Lockwood Resource, an international consulting and recruiting firm specialising in design leadership.

Lisa Hagan (Australia)

Lisa Hagan is the head of pivot at Frost Collective. She works with boards and executive teams to address organisational challenges and create strong strategic narratives.

Warren Schroder (Australia)

Warren Schroder is the founder of Designworks in Australia and a director of Designworks globally. ​ He has over 17 years’ experience as an industrial designer.

Nicki Lloyd (Australia)

Nicki Lloyd is owner and director of branding consultancy firm, Lloyd Grey Design.

Vivian Cheng (Hong Kong)

Vivian Cheng is the creative director of Vivian Design. She provides consultancy services in design networking, event management, design research. 

Ben Cooper (Australia)

Ben Cooper is currently the managing director of Tricky Jigsaw, and has over 17 years’ experience in digital media.

Victoria Judge (Australia)

Victoria Judge is head of interiors at Smart Design Studio. Recent projects include Barangaroo and the Australasian Performing Rights Association headquarters.

Elivio Bonollo (Australia)

Elivio Bonollo is currently emeritus professor of industrial design at the University of Canberra.

Matt Taylor (Australia)

Matt Taylor is the director of narrative strategy at Deloitte Australia.

Abigail Thomas (Australia)

Abigail Thomas is the general manager of SBS On Demand, where she leads a team of product developers, marketers and designers.

Fabian Furrer (China)

Fabian Furrer is the international president and VP of design at Dongdao Creative Branding Group.

Ken Nah (Korea)

Ken Nah is a professor of design management at the International Design School for Advanced Studies (IDAS) at Hongik University in Seoul. 

Neil Davidson (Australia)

Neil Davidson is the co-founder of Auxiliary Design School. The students of this school work in a real consultancy, for real clients, on real projects, delivering commercially viable outcomes to industry standards.

Nicholas Huxley (Australia)

Nicholas Huxley is head teacher at the Fashion Design Studio TAFE NSW.

Raj Mendes (Australia)

Raj Mendes is the founder and managing director of The Customer Experience Company (CEC). He works with some of Australia’s leading commercial and governmental organisations, helping them find ways to become more customer-centric.

Sue Lynch (Australia)

Sue Lynch is the manager of digital engagement at ResMed Limited. She has developed world-leading medical devices and digital solutions for the treatment and management of sleep disordered breathing.