Architect Justin Hill has been awarded the $5,000 first prize in the Australian Tapestry Workshop’s 2016 Tapestry Design Prize for Architects.

Hill’s winning design, titled '22 Temenggong Road, Twilight’, is based on a photomontage of two homes – one which he lived in throughout his 30s and 40s in Singapore; the other depicts silhouettes of himself and his mother from a home in Tasmania.

“The scene is early one evening, taken from an adjusted photograph looking from the garden into my house, when the luminous blue of the short tropical twilight briefly equalizes with the light within the house. Only then is the interior of the house revealed through layers of fraying blinds, and window mesh, as the layers in the timber framing and walls of the house become visible,” explained Hill.

Second prize ($2,500) was awarded to Tiffany Liew for 'Unknown: Author(s)’, while third prize ($1,500) was received by Sarah Lake Architects for ‘Concrete Tapestry’. Andrew Foster and Jessica Kreps were awarded the People’s Choice prize ($1,000) for ‘Hole in the Wall’. 

The Australian Tapestry Workshop’s 2016 Tapestry Design Prize for Architects which was only launched last year, invited architects to design a site-specific tapestry, which this year is to be hypothetically located at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, designed by Col Madigan.

The designs of the prize winners and finalists will be on exhibition at the Australian Tapestry Workshop in South Melbourne until 21 October.