The Australian Furniture Association (AFA) was honoured to receive an endorsement from the Prime Minister Tony Abbott, supporting the 2015 Australian International Furniture and Design Fair.

The 2015 Australian International Furniture and Design Fair is being held at the Royal Exhibition Buildings from 9th to 12th of July.

In his message, Abbott recalled that his grandfather, who was a carpenter, instilled in him an appreciation of good materials and the importance of quality workmanship. He noted that the same values were at the heart of the Australian furniture and design industry, and reflected in their commitment to quality, creativity and innovation.

Observing that the furniture industry played a vital role in Australia’s economy by providing jobs for hundreds of thousands of Australians and contributing billions of dollars, Abbott said that the Government has put in place various measures to support the Australian furniture industry. The Government has finalised several trade agreements with Japan, the Republic of Korea and China, opening up new markets for the industry.

Australian Furniture Association CEO Patrizia Torelli thanked Abbott for his support of the Association and its Members for their “contribution to our country’s growth”.

Image: Daily Mail