Christmas is under two weeks away, and if you’re still unsure what to buy your architect (whether they be a friend, partner or family member), we have put together a selection of gift ideas – some serious and some a little more light-hearted.

The-Lego-Architect.jpgThe Lego Architect by Tom Alphin

The Lego Architect offers a different look at the history of architecture, exploring styles like art deco, modernism, and high-tech, using Lego. It’s also a great resource to teach an architect’s family and friends a thing or two!




Abbreviations-mug.jpgArchitectural Abbreviations Mug

While the random letters and words may not mean anything to you, you can be rest assured that an architect will understand these abbreviations. The 19 commonly used abbreviations include top of steel, gypsum wall board, verify in field and above finished floor. 



1000-Tips-by-100-Eco-Architects.jpg1000 Tips by 100 Eco Architects: Guidelines on Sustainable Architecture from the World’s Leading Eco-Architecture Firms by Marta Serrats

1000 Tips by 100 Eco Architects shows how forward-thinking design and environmentally sound construction practices can create outstanding results. Working from the essential objectives of economy, sustainability, beauty and function, the 1,000 ideas display a wide array of outcomes – something to keep your architect’s mind active over the Christmas break!


Archist.jpgArchist – If Artists Were Architects by Frederico Babina

Archist reimagines architecture designed and constructed through the interpretation of an artist's language. For example, Babina has tried to imagine what a house designed by Dalí or a museum conceived by Mirówould would look like.




Streets-Of-Your-Town.jpgStreets Of Your Town

Comedian, broadcaster and architecture enthusiast, Tim Ross explores how and why Australian suburbs look the way they do, from the modernism design philosophy that boomed in the mid-20th century to the arrival of the McMansion. 




CVC.jpgCreating Vibrant Communities by Dean Landy

Creating Vibrant Communities by Melbourne architect and urban planner Dean Landy sets out to shift the current industry discourse from what outcomes should be achieved when creating new places, to how people involved in creating new places can work smarter and more collaboratively to achieve them.



I-m-An-Architect-Barely-There-iPhone-6-Case.jpgI’m An Architect Barley There iPhone 6 Case

Let your architect buddy embrace their inner-weirdness with this less than subtle iPhone case. It’s okay to be weird!





ESI-Edge2-Monitor-Arm.pngESI Edge2 Monitor Arm

It is more than likely your architect has at least two computer monitors, so this item could be very handy. The add-on comes with two motion arms that move the monitors vertically, two mounts that tilt the monitors up or down at one’s desired angle, and comes with two 360 landscape/portrait rotations.



StandDesk-Pro-Height-Adjustable-Standing-Desk.jpgStandDesk Pro Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Architects spend a lot of time at a desk, and sitting for hours on end can become quite painful. This adjustable standing desk will do the trick though, allowing one to stand up while they work.




The-Architecture-of-the-Cocktail.jpgThe Architecture of the Cocktail: Constructing the Perfect Cocktail from the Bottom Up by Amy Zavatto

Every project starts with a blueprint, so why shouldn’t a cocktail? The Architecture of the Cocktail focuses on the precise measurements to help craft the perfect cocktail as well as the recommended garnish and embellishments.



Fantastic-Structures.jpgFantastic Structures: A Coloring Book of Amazing Buildings Real and Imagined by Steve McDonald

This adult colouring book will allow architects to keep their creative juices flowing, while taking some time to relax and unwind. Everyone needs a bit of downtime, and an architect is no exception!




101-Things-I-Learned-in-Architecture-School.jpg101 Things I Learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick

These 101 concise lessons in design, drawing, the creative process, and presentation provide a much-needed primer in architectural literacy, making concrete what too often is left unclear or open-ended in the architecture curriculum. A must have for students of architecture!