Catalonian architects Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta were selected as the Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates in 2017.

Along with a lengthy citation from the jury came a selection of works from the architects’ portfolio which were hand-picked as representative of their design philosophy and strategy.

The projects represent the architects’ commitment to place and its narrative and demonstrate what Jury Chair, Glenn Murcutt described as “uncompromising architecture of a poetic level”.

The projects are listed in chronological order: 

2000 – Tossols-Basil Athletics Track Olot, Girona, Spain 
Photography by Ramon PratTossilsBasilAthleticTrack_2.jpgTossilsBasilAthleticTrack_3.jpgTossilsBasilAthleticTrack_4.jpgPhotography by Hisao Suzuki

2007 – Bell–Lloc Winery, Palamós, Girona, Spain
Photography by Hisao Suzuki

2007 – Sant Antoni – Joan Oliver Library, Senior Citizens Center and Cándida Pérez Gardens, Barcelona, Spain 
Photography by Eugeni PonsSantAntoniJoanOliverLibrary_2.jpgSantAntoniJoanOliverLibrary_3.jpgSantAntoniJoanOliverLibrary_4.jpgPhotography by Hisao Suzuki

2008 –  Barberí Laboratory Olot, Girona, Spain
Photography by Hisao SuzukiBarberi_3.jpgPhotography by Pep Sau

2010 – El Petit Comte Kindergarten, Besalú, Girona, Spain in collaboration with J. Puigcorbé 
Photography by Hisao Suzuki

2011 – Les Cols Restaurant Marquee, Olot, Girona, Spain 
Photography by Hisao SuzukiLesColsRestaurantMarquee_3.jpgPhotography by Eugeni Pons

2011 – La Lira Theater Public Open Space, Ripoll, Girona, Spain in collaboration with J. Puigcorbé 
Photography by Hisao Suzuki

2012 – Row House, Olot, Girona, Spain 
Photography by Hisao Suzuki

2014 – La Cuisine Art Center, Nègrepelisse, France 
Photography by Hisao Suzuki

2014 – Soulages Museum, Rodez, France in collaboration with G. Trégouët 
Photography by Hisao Suzuki