The Western Australian government-owned Perth Optus Stadium, began construction in December 2013 and remains on schedule to open this Sunday, 21 January 2018.

The stadium was designed by Hassell Cox HKS and the Stadium Park by Hassell and is able to accommodate AFL, cricket and entertainment events with drop-in seats adding flexibility to host rugby union and league, and soccer (football).

There is also an in-built capability to host major events consistent with requirements for Commonwealth Games and international athletics.

According to the architects, the new Perth Optus Stadium is designed to increase the seating capacity within the existing structure, adding up to 10,000 additional seats.

The seating bowl, they say, “maximises the atmosphere, gives fans exceptional views and brings them close to the action, providing a special home ground advantage for our teams.”

The architects also say that the lightweight fabric roof covers 85 percent of seats and responds to Perth’s climatic conditions.

“At night, it will present a spectacular glowing halo effect,” they say.

"The project is one of the most expensive ever built in WA, with the total cost of the stadium and required transport infrastructure around $1.6 billion,” say the architects.