You’ve spent a lot of money and time getting ready for your next event…

But are you REALLY ready?

We’re in the digital age. And this means that making meaningful ‘connections’ with your desired audience is harder than ever. A ‘like’ on Instagram definitely doesn’t have the same feeling as an in-person handshake, but could it be more powerful than you expect?

Events offer brands a great way to have the best of both worlds: get those face-to-face conversations happening, and power up your offering through digital and social media channels. But have you ever wondered whether there is a secret to achieving the ultimate ROI?


How can I ensure that my event is a success?

Enter: Content marketing to the rescue! We are now in a new culture of marketing practice. Content marketing has become a significant player in driving profitable customer action through the sales funnel and establishing long-term, scalable, and authentic relationships. Combine this with the very direct people-power of an event format, and your content marketing efforts can lay down the foundations for long-term, high-yield relationships with the audience you most need to engage.


Hang on. Does this mean that I’ve been doing events wrong all this time?

Chances are that your brand has been engaging in some form of content marketing for years now, but discovering the right form of content marketing for your unique needs can make a real difference.

The key is preparation and analysis. Creating the right audience lists, using your data metrics accurately, and establishing a consistent and rich content stream to market assist in leading to a high-conversion event experience.

From uncovering the right topic, selecting the right communication channel, composing creative, distributing it and then managing audience behaviours through to conversion, there really is A LOT involved!


But we’re here to help.

In this quick guide, our content marketing experts have collated the most impactful tips, tricks and campaign models to ensure that your brand can make a strong impression at your next event.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to curate the topics that inspire your audience and position your brand as a leader
  • How to structure audience groups and activate key communications sets at important stages throughout the event
  • How to integrate sales messages into your collateral and conversations
  • How to target your desired audience and convert audience traffic into real results



About C-GEN

This guide is created by C-GEN: Asia Pacific’s largest and only content marketing agency for the architecture, design, property and AECO industries. The C-GEN agency is able to fast-track your content marketing success, and turbocharge your brand’s influence in the market. Speak to our team of content experts today to give your brand the best chance of success in this disruptive digital world.