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    News Archive for May 2019

    Understanding and ensuring ACM compliance per 2019 NCC

    With the adoption of the 2019 NCC, it has become imperative for all building industry stakeholders to ensure compliance of their cladding systems for fire performance.

    The residential garage with the looks of a luxury car showroom

    The owners of a Sydney home transformed their garage into a stunning space that resembles a luxury car showroom.

    Rob Mirams on 'big Australia' and the role of architects and planners

    Fender Katsalidis director Rob Mirams spoke on a panel at DesignBUILD last week, discussing 'big Australia', density in Sydney and how architects and urban planners should deal with population growth.

    Brighton-Le-Sands’s future filled with high-rises

    Bayside Council has developed a Brighton-Le-Sands masterplan that specifies high-rise buildings along Bay Street and The Grand Parade.

    How close is Sydney to the vision of creating three 30-minute cities?

    The Greater Sydney Commission has proposed a 40-year vision of a metropolitan region formed of three “cities”: the Eastern “Harbour” City, the Central “River” City, and the Western “Parkland” City.

    Unispace creates playful ceiling for Woodside Petroleum’s family zone

    A dynamic and colourful slatted ceiling custom-made by Supawood flows through parts of the family and community zone on level 2 of Woodside Petroleum’s Mia Yellagonga building in Perth WA.

    Fujitsu General Australia HQ opens at 5-star Green Star building

    A 5-star Green Star rated building in Eastern Creek, Sydney is the location of the new headquarters of Fujitsu General Australia.

    More shocking redesign proposals for Notre Dame

    A McDonald’s is just one of the many ridiculous ideas being suggested for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which was badly damaged in a devastating fire in April.

    How urban spaces embrace the past, present and future

    As a landscape architect, Professor Walter Hood believes that his work operates as a reconciliation process, seeking to assimilate multiple layers of history into the present.

    Design thinking used to help support children with severe needle phobias

    Students from Sydney University’s School of Architecture, Design and Planning participated in a 'hackathon' at the Westmead Education and Conference Centre in Westmead Hospital on 12 April to support children with severe needle phobias.

    A roof that saves energy while looking sleek

    Energy saving residential roofing is becoming more and more sought after and the reasons are two-fold.

    Ensuring quality video conferencing for Sportsbet offices

    Sportsbet relies on video conferencing equipment from Corporate Initiatives (Ci) to communicate efficiently between their offices in Australia as well as collaborate internationally.

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