Since its introduction to our shores in the late 1940s, plasterboard has remained one of the most popular and enduring building products used throughout Australian homes. A simple and effective choice for creating interior surfaces inside a home, the versatility, affordability and relatively low environmental impact of plasterboard makes it suitable for nearly every room in the house.

But with the average home design and performance requirements so far removed from the 1940s, or even different from only decade ago, a one-size-fits all plasterboard solution will no longer satisfy requirements.

Speciality rooms such as home theatres and entertainment rooms, alfresco areas and outdoor kitchens, as well as bathrooms and laundries all require special consideration to ensure maximum enjoyment and minimum hassle.

Fortunately today’s manufacturers and suppliers of plasterboard in Australia offer tailored solutions for every room in the modern home.


70-inch TVs, 100-inch projectors and twelve speaker audio systems are no longer merely the domain of the rich and famous, but a must have room for all homes that is becoming as essential as the kitchen. But dropping big money on the hottest home theatre system can quickly turn to big disappointment if careful consideration isn’t first given to the acoustic requirements of the room.

Careful planning is necessary to block out external neighbourhood noise such as traffic, aircraft and dogs, block internal noise entering from other rooms in the house, and minimise the sound reverberation within the room. Of course being able to enjoy the home theatre system without disturbing others in the house is also essential, and with low frequency noise such as that from a sub-woofer easily transferred through standard plasterboard, a special plasterboard that provides acoustic performance is necessary.

While a complete acoustic system will also include a solution to sound flanking (sound that travels around walls through wall gaps, air-conditioning ducts, ceiling cavities etc.), a plasterboard that reflects sound as well as absorbs sound to limit both noise transfer and reverberation will play a huge role in providing acoustic comfort.

Designpanel by Knauf


Developed and manufactured in Denmark, Designpanel offers not only great acoustic performance with beautiful aesthetic, but also offers air cleaning properties with inbuilt CLEANEO Technology.

The acoustic performance is achieved through a combination of sound diffusion, whereby reflected sound is spread out and as well as sound absorption whereby sound can through the perforation holes and acoustic fleece backing. The result is a high quality sound experience with excellent acoustic comfort.

BORAL_W1.jpgSoundstop by USG Boral

Soundstop is specifically developed to control room noise levels, to help improve living comfort in environments where reducing sound transfer from one room to another is required. Used as part of Boral’s CinemaZone system it allows full enjoyment of the home theatre without being disturbed or being a disturbance.




Because of the high exposure to moisture, and the risk that poorly lined wet areas can have on other rooms, wet areas including bathrooms, ensuites, showers, laundries and toilets require special consideration when specifying a plasterboard.

The BCA requires that wet areas are treated in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3740 – 2010 Waterproofing of Wet Areas within Residential Buildings. The standard specifies the requirements for the physical elements of construction including floors, walls, junctions and penetrations. Water-resistant plasterboard sheeting must comply with these requirements, as well as be manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard 2588 – Gypsum Plasterboard.

The design criteria in the standard is separated into three risk levels: high (shower areas), medium (bathrooms, areas adjacent to baths or spas), and low (walls adjoining sinks, basins, laundry tubs), and the level of risk will determine the design and installation criteria for floors, walls, junctions and penetrations, including water-resistant plasterboard. Ensuring the plasterboard specified meets the requirements for the specific application is crucial to avoiding consequences ranging from mould and damage to building contents through to potential structural damage.

Water Resistant Plasterboard by BGC Fibre Cement


Designed and developed for wet area walls such as bathrooms, laundries, toilets and cleaning room areas. BGB Water Resistant Plasterboard has a low absorption core and eliminates the probability of water wicking, preventing possible damage to the supporting structure and wall finishes. Available in 10mm and 13mm thicknesses, 1200mm and 1350mm wide and in various lengths.

BORAL-2.jpgWet Area Board by USG Boral

A recessed edge plasterboard with a water resistant core, designed to satisfy regulatory requirements for wet area applications in non-fire rated systems. Wet Area Board is ideal for internal lining of wet areas in bathrooms, showers, laundries and toilets, and provides a suitable surface for tiling.





The Australian climate lends itself well to outdoor entertaining all year round, and brining the outside in through covered outdoor areas including alfresco entertainment areas, outdoor kitchens, and porticos is a design trend that is more and more becoming a key part of modern housing.

The plasterboard walls ceilings for these areas, which also includes carports and balconies, are subject to more extreme loads and conditions than normal internal ceilings including winds, condensation and exposure to other atmospheric variations including humidity and temperature.

GYPROCK.jpgAquacheck by CSR Gyprock

A gypsum plasterboard with the core, face and back treated to make it resistant to moisture and humidity, Aquachek has extremely low water absorption characteristics compared to other lining materials, eliminating the possibility of water wicking up the lining board causing subsequent damage to the structure or finishing.

Because Aquacheck is not subject to moisture movement, it provides an ideal surface for painting and other decorative treatments as well as an excellent stable substrate for ceramic tiles. It is a recessed edge plasterboard so joints can be taped and set.

Fibrerock Aqua-Tough by USG Boral

A unique, gypsum fibre product that includes a water-resistant core for supreme durability and superior performance. Easy to cut and install, these panels provide durability in wet and dry environments alike. Fibrerock Aqua-Tough is Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified and may contribute to Green Star points when assessed under various Green Star rating tools.