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When one thinks about solar hot water systems, an image of an expensive tank sticking out like a sore thumb beside a house might come into mind.

However, present systems are a long road away from the clunky and cost-ineffective things that they once were, and can offer both commercial and residential projects cost and environmental benefits.

Here are six solar hot water products that help to lower energy costs, as well as reduce carbon emissions.

1. MDV split system series from Solahart

Launched earlier this year, the Solahart MDV series is an open circuit split system, with roof mounted slimline collectors and a tank that can be installed discreetly on the ground, either indoors or outdoors. This flexibility minimises visual impact on the roof, reconciling sustainability with aesthetics.

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2. Rheem's Heat Store Series 2 Drain Back Solar System

This system from Rheem operates on a drain back principle, so fluid drains from the collectors when heating is not required. This provides intrinsic frost protection, while allowing the highly efficient BT collector to be used without any ill effects of stagnation on hot summer days. This also means that less collectors and stands are required on the roof.

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3. Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems from Rinnai

Available with an electric boost or continuous flow gas boost, Rinnai's evacuated tube solar hot water systems have frost tolerance for temperatures down to -12° C. A sleek aesthetic minimises impact on the roofline while reducing the need to reinforce roof structures.

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4. SmartLine Split System Solar Hot Water Systems by Chromagen

Developed with builders and plumbers in mind, the Chromagen SmartLine 200 litre gas boosted solar hot water system consists of an integrated tank and 6 Star Energy Rated gas booster in a compact, easy-to-install package that features highly efficient, slimline thermal collectors.

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5. Bosch Solar Wizard with Gas Booster

The Bosch Solar Wizard (open-loop) system is suitable for installation in areas that drop to zero degrees for short periods only. The flat plate solar collectors have low iron prismatic glass for great solar absorption, and each collector has dual frost protection.

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*UPDATE: Bosch has stopped manufacturing this system.

6. Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System from Apricus

Lightweight, durable and robust in construction, the evacuated tube's built-in frost protection enables the system to withstand cold winter nights without damage. The Apricus aluminium mounting frame is designed to meet cyclonic wind conditions, and the system is ideal for beachfront coastal regions or areas where corrosion is an issue.

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