Speckel is a Software as a Service (SAAS) for creating and managing project specifications.

According to the inventor of Speckel, Darren O’Dea, “Designers upload image assets and use the Speckle interface to annotate images, kickstarting your project in JIRA.”

“Upload a set of your designs, draw some boxes, and tell people what should happen and when it should happen,” says O’Dea.

“Our purpose is simple,” says O’Dea, “to create better opportunities for building design and construction teams to work together to improve outcomes for the built environment.”

In a world where building envelope design is increasing in complexity and aspiration, we believe we can help create a more coherent and simple approach by encouraging the use of easy to use design tools.

“We believe that healthier, safer and more energy-efficient building envelope solutions create the basis for better buildings, with the Speckel platform uniquely placed to guide users through an often-bewildering maze of ideas and requirements.”

According to the literature, through collaborating, sharing knowledge and disrupting the status quo, Speckle is designed to:

  • Drive a better specification in building envelope design and construction.
  • Keep the industry ahead of the curve, removing barriers to knowledge via education and openness.
  • Create useful, human-centric applications and market approaches to integrate into project teams.
  • Encourage greater awareness and uptake of better envelope building products and techniques.

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