Mosaic tiles
“Small, decorative stone mosaic tiles and marble mosaic tiles date all the way back to Ancient Rome. Historically, they were made from porcelain and clay, but these days they come in glass, natural stone and stainless steel too,” says Christie Wood, design specialist at Beaumont Tiles.

“Mosaic tiles are always in fashion – the shapes and styles just change over time,” says Clare Le Roy, interior designer, decorator, and director of The Little Design Corner. “They’re also great for tricky spots that couldn’t otherwise be tiled, such as curved walls.

“Small squares, penny rounds and hexagonal marble mosaics are timeless shapes that are trending now.”

If you're wondering how to lay mosaic tiles, click here.

What are they made from?
They are a variety made of different materials, such as porcelain mosaic tiles, glass mosaic tiles and natural stone mosaic tiles.

What colours can you get them in?
White mosaic tiles, blue mosaic tiles, brown, patterned—You can get them in any colour imaginable, it mainly depends on the colour scheme you have in mind. 

What types are available?
Porcelain, marble and glass. Vitrified porcelain mosaic tiles are extremely durable and non-porous – unlike glass mosaics, which can crack, and marble mosaics, which are typically porous. This makes porcelain mosaics a safer and more reliable choice for floors in wet rooms and high-traffic spots, such as bathrooms, laundries, pathways, verandahs and around swimming pools. They also vary in shape, such as  the  hexgon mosaic tile, which is a common contemporary favourite for splashbacks.
Vitrified porcelain mosaic tiles boast an on-trend matte appearance and come in more sizes and shapes than other mosaic types, giving you far greater design flexibility. They are also more scratch- and stain-resistant, and easier to clean.

What can you use them for? 
Mosaics come in different shapes, including square, hexagonal and round. They can be used to create stunning patterns and artistic effects in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, as well as on pathways, verandahs and swimming pools, using them for both walls and floors. They are also used in arts and craft.

Can you use them outdoors? 
Yes, but for outdoor mosaics, or mosaics which will be exposed to moisture, using thinset as the adhesive and grout is recommended.

How do they wear? 
Mosaic tiles are durable and easy to maintain. They are resistant to chemicals making them ideal for flooring the kitchen and bathroom. The glass tiles are also easy to clean since they do not have the usual nooks and crannies. They are merely wiped using a soft towel and mild detergent to remove any grease or stains.

How much do they cost?
The price of a mosaic installation can vary greatly, depending on how large the area you want to cover is, the length of time professionals are working and the cost of tools. Generally, contractors charge about $20 per square foot to install mosaic tiles along with the cost of materials, but this can vary by region.

Best places to buy them?
They are for sale at the following:
National Tiles
Tile Cloud

MDC Mosaics & Tiles

Top mosaic tiles available to buy: 

1. Honeycomb Large Matt  Black Mosaic - $79.95 cost per m2

The Honeycomb Mosaics series adds excitement to any contemporary space with its focus on patter and texture. Perfect for small areas or entire walls for when a striking design statement is in order, this ceramic series is a must-have for design devotees.

2. Green Opal + Thassos Stone Feature Mosaic - $36psqm

Country of Origin: China

Pool Safe: No*

Material: Green Opal Marble (Honed) with Thassos Marble (Polished)

Texture: Polished & Honed

Colour: Mottled Green with White

Tessera: Hexagon-25mm. Square-15mm. Triangle-10mm

Sheet Size: 305x305x10mm

Slip Rating: N/A

Box Quantity Requirements: None, this product is purchased per sheet

3. Coral Bay Gloss Green Fish Scale Tile – 105psqm

Tiles sold per Full Box/Clearance

Suggested Grout Colour Mapei Manhattan Grey

Suggested Silicone Manhattan 2000

Tile Thickness 5mm

Made of porcelain

Easy to clean and maintain

Suitable for use on Walls Only

So whether you're in Perth, Brisbane or Sydney, no matter where in Australia you are, feel comfortable knowing your mosaic tiles.