While these famous landmarks may have been visited by millions of people, most have no idea that these buildings are actually more than meets the eye. 

Here are five famous buildings with secret rooms:

Flinders Street Station’s ballroom 

Image: Culture Victoria

Thousands of people pass through Melbourne’s busiest train station every day, but few are aware that the station’s third floor houses what was once an elaborate ballroom, dating back to 1899. The ballroom, having been unused for at least 30 years, is now derelict. The Victorian Government is seeking to change this however, having invested $100 million into the station’s redevelopment in 2015, including the regeneration of its derelict spaces.

The Rome Colosseum’s underground tunnels

Image: Different Doors

Below the ground level of the Colosseum lies a network of underground tunnels that once housed animals before they were lifted into the arena via pulley. Visitors have been allowed into the tunnels since 2010, much to the concern of archaeologists.

The Eiffel Tower’s hidden apartment


Engineer Gustave Eiffel built an apartment inside the Eiffel Tower when he was working on it in 1889, which was accessed only by Eiffel during his lifetime. The apartment was refurbished in 2015 and opened to the public for the first time.

The room inside the Statue of Liberty’s torch

Image: Flickr

These days, visitors to the Statue of Liberty can climb no higher than the crown. This wasn’t always the case – visitors were once able to access a room inside the statue’s torch to enjoy panoramic city views. However, this room was closed to visitors in 1916 during World War I, when German agents blew up a connection pier between Black Tom Island and Jersey City. Hundreds of people were injured and killed and many buildings were damaged, including the room inside the State of Liberty’s torch.

The Empire State Building’s 103rd floor viewing platform

Image: Empire State Building

New York’s most famous building is best-known for is viewing platforms on the 86th and 102nd floors. But little do most people know, there is actually a 103rd floor that can be accessed by a select few. Taylor Swift for example, has been photographed on the building’s secret top floor.