Gone are the days of the bulky, traditional fireplace. Interior design trends have seen modern gas fireplaces evolve to feature sleek lines and unobtrusive designs that can fit any home, or create a spectacular visual statement. These significant advances now provide homeowners with many more options to bring warmth to their homes without the negative aspects of a standard fireplace.

Contemporary gas fireplaces are ideal for providing constant heat, and the wide range of aesthetic and installation alternatives means they are not only unparalleled in elegance and style, but also in functionality. Large glass viewing areas, simple operation, and their easily-customisable exteriors make the new generation of gas fireplaces an attractive and effective heating choice for any modern home.

Horizon 3 Sided Fire by Jetmaster

All controls are seamlessly concealed, and the high flame gas fire appears to float above the base on its realistic pebbles or coals. The Horizon provides radiant heat and is available in a variety of colours.



Real Flame Pit Fire

The Real Flame Pit Fire is designed for external ambience and heating, and can be installed in al fresco areas as well as integrated into architecturally landscaped surrounds. Conceived, designed, developed and built in Australia, Pit Fire comes in three different shapes and has the option of five types of media.


Escea AF960

The AF960 combines style and function in a sleek design, with a power that heats effectively and even more efficiently than its smaller counterpart. The large viewing window makes the most of the flame, and its versatile, minimalist aesthetic translates well to both traditional and modern interiors.


4415ST HO GS2 by Lopi Fireplaces

This double-sided fireplace features ceramic glass for increased radiant heat, and its dual blowers offer additional design flexibility. They can be directed equally to both sides of the fireplace, or adjusted to blow out just one side for ease of placement. Designed to heat large or multiple connected rooms, this fireplace has a heating capacity of up to 195sqm, and also adds extra charm with its huge viewing window. 

1250 Rinnai                               

At over 1300mm in length, the 1250 is a statement piece, designed to heat large, open plan living spaces. It features Rinnai’s high performance heat exchanger technology and up to a 5.5-star energy efficiency rating. It is available with either glowing pebbles or Australian Eucalyptus logs and a safety mesh guard to provide peace of mind and eliminate reflections.




Greenfire 1500L by Regency

This extra-large gas fireplace provides a linear view of the flame, driftwood logs and glowing coals, and is ideal for contemporary, open-concept living areas. Features include a 3-speed fan, electronic ignition and RF remote control that allows the fireplace to be operated from another room.


Grange Slimline by Coonara

A powerful, Australian-made log heater with a 5-star energy efficiency rating, the Grange Slimline has the capacity to heat up to 20sqm. It can be installed into a stud and plaster frame, and with its extra-thin 20mm fascia and availability in 10 colours, this fireplace can be easily customised to suit its surroundings.


Wonderfire by Nectre

The Nectre Woodfire combines the best of both worlds: a traditional aesthetic, with the ease of a modern gas fireplace. Best suited to a period home, the natural gas fire can supply warmth to 45spm of living space. The ceramic coals or woodfire logs not only look realistic but reach their maximum temperature in a matter of minutes.


Escea Double Sided DX1500

The Escea DX1500 features a huge 1500mm wide flame, a 4.3 Star energy efficiency rating, and sophisticated heat ducting technology that distributes warmth through ceiling and floor ducts to heat multiple rooms. Escea’s exclusive Smart Heat control system means the fireplace can be controlled via any device connected to the internet, and operated remotely. It also comes with a range of surround options for design flexibility.