Strictly speaking it’s probably not in our best interest to promote other websites, or unveil our information sources for that matter, but where credit is due it should be paid.

The below architecture blogs have been a source of information and inspiration for Architecture & Design over the past 12 months and it is only fair that we share them with our readers.

In no certain order, here are Architecture & Design's favourite architecture blogs for 2016:


Steve King about Architecture

Steve King is a leading architectural authority and consultant in Australia on the application of climate responsive design. While the majority of his work as an environmental and SEPP65 assessor is often done behind closed doors, his name does pop up from time to time in the NSW and City of Sydney development portals, proving he is consulted upon for some of Sydney’s biggest projects.  

His blog has over 200 posts, nearly all of which are about exposing misconceptions – often published by this website!—surrounding green building and sustainability. He is a wealth of knowledge—probably owing to his 40+ years as a teacher—and a harsh critic, a perfect combination for a blogger.


Peter Raisbeck: surviving the design studio

Peter Raisbeck is an architect, design tutor and researcher who currently works at Melbourne University’s Melbourne School of Design. He teaches an elective called Design Activism which teaches MArch students the skills needed to position design thinking and design research into protest campaigns.

His blog is also backed by a strong sense of social justice, and by a commitment to improving Australia’s public and city environments with design thinking. His posts about “Surviving the Design Studio” are particularly funny and enlightening at the same time.



Panofilocastaldi is the blog/journal of Victorian architecture practice, Mihaly Slocombe. This blog is the most pragmatic on the list, and will be a useful tool for any architecture practice challenged with the everyday processes like fees, client engagement, marketing, social media accounts, intellectual property and project delivery.


The Red + Black Architect

Authored by Michael Smith, architect and co-director of Melbourne architecture firm Atelier Red + Black, The Red + Black Architect is a collection of thoughts, critiques and opinions of architecture and the built environment. Smith hopes his blog will help make architectural discussion more accessible to the general public whilst also providing an insight into the design process and construction industry.

It addresses a highly diverse subject matter but is generally focussed on the application of design thinking in policy making to achieve high quality built outcomes. Smith provides building reviews, profiles with politicians, council members and leading architects, and results from his own study and research projects.

Many of Smith’s posts have been published on Architecture & Design.


That Architecture Student

That Architecture Student is the most traditional blog on this list in the sense that it is predominantly a collection of thoughts and ramblings from long-time architecture student Anthony Richardson. But it is also very informative and especially handy for, you guessed it, architecture students.

It includes everything from building reviews to Richardson’s favourite software and architectural tools.

If nothing else, a light hearted and humorous read.