The June 2022 season of CPD-Live now available to view on demand. Relive sessions first streamed live on 8-9 June 2022, the program is expertly curated for you, featuring insightful topics around the industry’s latest advancements. 

Watch presentations hosted by Architecture & Design and partnered by leading brands including Acoustic Blinds and CurtainsAHECHavwoodsLight ProjectLouvrecladRemedy APTarkettThe Footprint Co.Tilt Industrial Design, and Verosol

You can re-watch all of your favourite sessions and catch up with any you may have missed! Best of all, each session offers one formal CPD point. With so many topics to choose from, CPD-Live offers the most dynamic way for you to earn your CPD points online.

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Discover the 2022 June topics:

Wednesday 8th June

Infection Prevention & Interior Finishes: Flooring Considerations – Presented by Tarkett | 9:00 AM, 8th June 2022

Beyond lockdowns, social distancing, and increased hand-washing, the ongoing pandemic has led to an increased understanding of the general importance of sanitation. What is the alternative to antimicrobial products? And what are the best ways to keep floors in sensitive settings clean? This session will answer these questions and more. Learn more.

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Understanding Corrosion for Structural Steel – Sustainability through Durability- Presented by Remedy Asset | 10:30 AM, 8th June 2022

The best way to minimise the corrosion is to employ sound corrosion management practices. But how should specifiers go about this? How are they able to tell whether their particular projects (or particular parts of their projects) are susceptible to corrosion? And in what circumstances should they seek the advice of a corrosion expert? Learn more.

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Integrating Louvres & Screens into Modular Buildings – Presented by Louvreclad | 12:00 PM, 8th June 2022

Specifiers need to be aware that working with louvres is not a one size fits all proposition. This session examines these challenges and more. Using real-life examples to illustrate their points, our speakers explain the best ways to approach the task of integrating louvres and screens into modular buildings. Learn more.

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Automated Shade – The Why and How- Presented by Verosol | 1:30 PM, 8th June 2022

This session outlines the latest automated shading systems on the market, examines how they work, and shines a light on the best and most effective ways for specifiers to integrate them into their projects. Learn more.

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Acoustic Solutions for the Design-Minded- Presented by Acoustic Blinds | 3:00 PM, 8th June 2022

What are the best ways to control sound, without detracting from the aesthetic and functional features of a building? This session provides answers to these questions. Concentrating on the concept of sound absorption, it explains how acoustic blinds and curtains can help meet the acoustic challenges of building design. Learn more.

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Thursday 9th June

Meeting the Climate Challenge – Carbon Reductions for New & Used Buildings – Presented by Footprint | 9:00 AM, 9th June 2022

According to the most recent report by the IPCC, without immediate global action, the aim of limiting warming to even 2°C will not be possible. This session is intended to outline ways for architects to research and select lower embodied carbon materials and explain how they can best incorporate those materials into low carbon designs. Learn more.

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Fa├žade Innovation – The Pathways & the Pitfalls – Presented by Tilt Industrial | 10:30 AM, 9th June 2022

How can architects give themselves the best shot at producing work that delivers on design ambition, but also ticks all the boxes in terms durability, compliance, and sustainability? This session addresses these questions and more. Learn more.

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Lighting & DFMA – the Benefits of Integrating Systems Early in the Fabrication Process- Presented by Light Project | 12:00 PM, 9th June 2022

Incorporating services like lighting and electrical systems into prefabricated elements is often viewed as challenging. The solution to this dilemma is to get in early. This session examines the best ways to go about this. Learn more.

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An Introduction to Regenerative Architecture- Presented by Havwoods | 1:30 PM, 9th June 2022

For many architects, sustainability doesn’t go far enough because it only involves minimising negative environmental impacts. For them ‘Regenerative Architecture’ – which imagines a world in which negative impacts are eliminated and buildings become part of the environment – is the solution. This session explores this groundbreaking concept and explains why timber deserves to be included when discussing it. Learn more.

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Structural Use of Hardwood Glulam and CLT Species – Applications and Case Studies – Presented by AHEC | 3:00 PM, 9th June 2022

The truth is that many types of timber products, including hardwood glulam and CLT are not only suitable for many structural applications but, in many ways, superior to the alternatives. This session examines these products and provides advice on how and where to use them. Learn more.

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With 10 huge standalone sessions across 8-9 June, you have the choice of tuning in to those that peak your interest, or stick around for all to earn 10 formal CPD points. Learn about the latest sustainability initiatives, Facade innovation, the guidelines about materiality and application and dive-in to discover more about architecture and design than ever before. From the comfort of your home or office these CPD accredited sessions meet the National Standard of Competency for Architects and also offer the opportunity to earn multiple CPD points at your convenience.