Session Synopsis

A vital presence in the planet’s ecosystems, bacteria are found almost everywhere. Indeed, it is said that there are more bacteria on one human hand than there are people on Earth. While most are harmless, some can cause sepsis – a life-threatening illness caused by the human body’s response to bacteria entering the bloodstream.

Potentially deadly bacteria can be spread via air droplets, through food, or by contact with an infectious person. In addition, and significantly for those in the architectural and design sectors, they can also be spread via contact with infected surfaces.

Poor surface specification can increase the risk of that surface becoming a reservoir for pathogenic organisms. Specifiers wishing to minimise the risk of bacterial infection need to be aware of the paths they can take – in terms of design and materials – to prevent their transmission.




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Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Outline the prevalence of bacteria in the built environment and where they can typically be found.
  • Identify the types of bacteria that pose a potential health threat.
  • List the types of projects most prone to the build up of bacteria, and consequently, negative health outcomes.
  • Outlines the design methods that can help minimise the presence of bacteria.
  • Identify materials and products that can help minimise the presence of bacteria.

AACA Competency Standards

Design: Project Briefing 1.2, 1.4
Design: Conceptual Design 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, 3.7
Design: Schematic Design 4.4, 4.6
Documentation: Detailed Design 5.3, 5.5


John Berry, Hard Surface Solutions Consultant, Rocks On

21 years within the ceramic tile business including curating, developing and manufacturing of ceramic & porcelain stoneware tile products throughout the world, and operating tile import, marketing & distribution businesses in Australia.