Session Synopsis

While good acoustic design is important in all types of indoor settings – and critical in spaces like classrooms and recording studios – too often it is not given the attention it requires. It is generally ignored during the design and planning phases of projects.

At the same time, the clean lines and hard surfaces associated with a lot of modern architecture tend to produce poor acoustic environments; spaces in which noise builds up, sound becomes muddied and speech becomes difficult to understand.

How are architects to navigate this tension between design and acoustics? And what are the best ways to control sound, without detracting from the aesthetic and functional features of a building?

This session provides answers to these questions. Concentrating on the concept of sound absorption, it explains how acoustic blinds and curtains can help meet the acoustic challenges of building design.

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Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation you should be able to –

  • Define the phenomenon of ‘sound’ and explain how and why it decreases.
  • Explain the difference between what is commonly referred to as ‘noise reduction’ and ‘sound absorption’.
  • Identify the negative consequences of poor sound absorption, particularly in work and learning environments.
  • Outline the regulations surrounding acoustics as they relate to architects and designers.
  • Outline the effectiveness of acoustic curtains and blinds in terms of sound absorption and improved acoustic design.


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Cameron West, Director, Acoustic Blinds & Curtains

Michael Phillips, Director, MP Acoustics

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