In 2011 the honour went to Pixel for studio505. Pixel has set a precedent for carbon neutral buildings, which has earned a 6 star Greenstar (Office Design V3) rating.

The building was carefully constructed from top to bottom to ensure the carbon footprints were not only implemented, but the results demonstrated that outcome.

Pixel compromises of garden planter areas on the ground floor, the living edge wetlands on levels one to three, and an extension green roof covering much of the roof area.

It is also "water balanced," which means when Melbourne returns to average rainfall, the building could theoretically be disconnected from the water grid and remain self-sufficient.

For the first use, the rain water irrigates the roof garden where it is caught in the soil, pre-filtered there before travelling to the rainwater storage tanks.

From the tanks, the water is then treated using reverse osmosis to return to potable standard before being distributed to all fixtures and fittings in the building. The water that reaches the hand basins and showers become grey water after it serves its second use.

Director of Pixel Dylan Brady said Pixel can provide clients and the industry with their very own rating tool.

"We could rate it highly in water or energy or materials, and it gives the company a tool to actually offer back to clients and industry a way to think about the rating tool," he said.

Dylan reveals it will be a way to think about sustainability that best matches businesses and their integration of what they want.

The judges said the project should be applauded for it's environmental achievements and its educational perspective for developers, building owners and tenants although the building is the smallest in the category.

The judges commented: "The project is a very valuable addition to the city and illustrates the possibilities of future large scale CBD office buildings."