Lifestyle Working Collins Street, designed by nettletontribe, combines architectural vision and creative planning with community responsibility, commercial functionality and environmental sustainability.

Setting a new benchmark for strata commercial space, it is the only 5 Star Green Star rated commercial strata building, as well as the first building to strata title solar panels to specific office suites to supply energy for their operations.

The brief given to Nettleton Tribe warranted the creation of a vibrant new workplace for small and medium-sized enterprises that will benefit from leading-edge sustainable design solutions, and voice and data technologies.

To fulfil these aims, the architects made use of sustainable design features such as natural ventilation and water harvesting, as well as passive energy solutions like solar strata lots and optimum energy control options for individual owners and occupiers.

The solar tiles provide energy to the base building during daylight hours, reducing overall operating costs and making the building more economical to run.

Costs to the occupants have also been minimised in several ways. For instance, electric scooters are provided free of charge of those needing to attend inner-city meetings.

These initiatives have allowed the occupants to use energy in ways they wish to, so that they are in control of their own environment at all times. This innovative system grants users a sense of responsibility, motivating them to maximise their cost advantages while minimising their environmental impact.


  • Introduction of a solar farm on the building’s rooftop and the subsequent sale of solar strata lots to occupants. Solar energy helps to support the efficiency per strata lot for maximum long term value
  • Building is designed to be highly ventilated. Individual suites are encased in two simple rectangular forms with a central street.  The long axis of each block is orientated north-south to maximise the solar access and natural daylight
  • Each suite also has cross ventilation to withstand the extensive heat loads of the Melbourne summer, as well as give the occupier the opportunity to take advantage of the natural airflow, and provide high levels of fresh indoor air quality. A reticulated cooling system provides control of each suite and maximises solar access and thermal mass of natural heating
  • Rainwater harvesting for the irrigation of gardens and toilet flushing
  • Waterless urinals using vegetable oil
  • No parking is provided to the occupants, but the building is serviced by a central tram line with a stop right outside the building’s doorstep
  • Low VOC products, fixtures and fittings, and reduced PVC pipework
  • All fa├žade and structure is recyclable. The maintenance refinishing, with paint of penetrating oil, is limited to plasterboard linings and FSC timber
  • 5 Star Green Star rating for Office Design v3 2013 by the GBCA

Images: Peter Bennetts and Emma Cross