The Gyprock EC08 Complete is a GECA accredited multi-function plasterboard with a high level of recycled content. Designed to meet the highest standards across a broad range of functional performance requirements in commercial construction projects, the EC08 Complete can be installed in more sustainable building situations than any other plaster lining.

While it does not work to save energy during use, the energy used to manufacture this plasterboard is amongst the lowest energy consumption of any building product.

The plasterboard is made of a gypsum core, a naturally occurring, non-toxic sedimentary rock, with a heavy duty paper liner covering the front and back faces and bonded at the edges.

During production and post-installation, waste and off cuts can be recycled back into the manufacturing process or channelled to agricultural use. The Gyprock’s ReCore™ technology allows higher levels of recycled content to be utilised without degrading product performance.

As Australia’s first and only mould-resistant, paper-faced plasterboard product, the EC08 Complete is a highly recyclable product with performance attributes that can only otherwise be achieved with non-recyclable content plasterboards.

EC08® Complete joins Gyprock’s range of GECA accredited plasterboards


  • 20% recycled content in board’s core that would otherwise go to landfill
  • Paper facing is made from 100% recycled paper
  • Mould resistant – achieves the best possible score in the ASTM G-21 test for mould growth
  • Impact resistant – both soft body and hard body impact
  • Fire resistant – can be used in EC08 systems for FRL of up to -/120/120
  • Acoustic rated for better sound insulation
  • Moisture resistant for wet area applications