Brightgreen’s latest LED tracklight, the TR700, is less than three months old, but its tender age is not an indicator of its energy efficient initiatives.

The low energy, long-life tracklight is 98 per cent recyclable, and allows building owners to replace inefficient halogen tracklights with a more efficient alternative, without compromising on brightness or light quality.

Featuring a lumen output of 720ml, and an operating power of 10.5W, the TR700 matches the high quality light output of a 50W halogen bulb using only 20 per cent of the energy required to do so. A universal track base ensures compatibility with existing tracklight systems, making retrofitting an effortless process.

At the same time, the LED tracklight incorporates a unique thermal throttling system which prevents overheating or energy wastage through heat emissions that contribute to rising room temperatures in the warm Australian climate.

This product, which has a lifetime of 70,000 hours – the equivalent of 32 years on 6 hours of use a day – defies business models that rely on planned obsolescence by having as long a lifespan as possible, while discouraging unnecessary wastage.


  • Its 98% recyclable components and ability to reduce the amount of electricity needed to light spaces prevent the wastage of non-sustainable resources such as metals and fossil fuels
  • The product is supported by a take-back scheme, whereby Brightgreen will buy back products at the end of their life for recycling
  • The TR700 LED tracklight has a market-leading efficacy value of 69 lumens per Watt
  • Free from toxic materials and heavy metals, the product also emits light that is free from UV
  • Beam angle of either 40° or 60° and colour temperature of either 3000K or 4000K to suit all lighting needs
  • Low energy usage, low heat emissions, and designed for simple dismantling