If there was ever a time to move towards greener building methods and materials, it is right now. Given the climate crisis faced by our world today, the construction industry as a whole must look towards creating alternative solutions to the problems that continue to arise with our current building materials.

While there is uncertainty surrounding the form and use of some building materials and the ability for an alternative to do a similar job, it is important to note two statistics that depict how bleak the situation actually is – the construction industry is responsible for over 30 percent of the extraction of natural resources, with 25 percent of the world’s natural waste also coming from the construction industry.

These numbers depict a dire situation that the construction industry finds itself within. In order to reduce waste and extract precious natural resources, we must move towards alternative material,. sustainable materials. If the entire construction industry makes  a move towards these sustainable materials, the benefits to the industry and wider world will be of astronomical proportions, and will future proof methods and practices, ensuring longevity and security for those skilled within certain construction crafts.

While architects are implementing sustainable measures for houses, such as ventilation, natural light, and battery-like electricity sources, the green building materials used to construct and craft these dwellings are of extreme importance to our environment. The Green Building Materials category of the 2021 Sustainability Awards rewards businesses taking these steps towards more sustainable materials and deservedly champions their efforts in aiming to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

cplusc recycled materials house

Big Ass Fans (BAF) has partnered with the Sustainability Awards to sponsor the Green Building Materials category. Rebecca Steffanoni, BAF’s Territory Sales Manager, says the category sponsorship is one that is not necessarily ideal, but logical.

“Sustainability is a huge part of our company and our product. So, the Sustainability Awards align closely with what we see as important. Sustainability in building design is one of our core values,” she says.

The Green Building Material category aligns the most with our product, because our product is a direct contributor to greener buildings, and contributes to greater energy efficiency. So, it just seemed like a natural fit for us.

The Sustainability Awards seeks to celebrate those in the design industry that  look to create sustainable enterprises and buildings. An annual event, the awards ceremony will be held in Sydney later this year. To register a green building material, dwelling or architect, click here.