With temperatures around the world soaring to new highs and global waste levels climbing at unprecedented rates, it’s clear that everyone must take whatever steps possible to reduce their negative environmental impact. This is particularly true of the construction industry, which currently accounts for approximately 40% of Australia’s total waste and is notoriously reliant on high amounts of energy and material consumption. Against this backdrop, designers and product suppliers alike are now seeking new ways to curb their environmental impact and instead deliver long-lasting, sustainable buildings that make a positive contribution to environmental and human health.

Pergola with sustainable timber framing

One such supplier is Hyne Timber, a sixth-generation Australian family business and one of the country’s leading suppliers of sawn timber products. Driven by a genuine commitment to sustainability, safety, service, and quality, Hyne Timber offers designers and specifiers a range of timber products that deliver high sustainability value without compromising performance, versatility, or aesthetics. This includes their selection of Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) beams, which pose an environmentally-sound alternative to steel and are ideal for use across a breadth of construction sectors. Included in the Hyne Timber GLT range  are Beam 17, the strongest pine glue laminated beam on the market suitable for use in long span, critical load applications, and Beam 18, a warm-hued beam with light, consistent colouring best suited to commercial and domestic internal applications where the look and feel of natural wood are desired. Completing the GLT range are Beam 21, a richly coloured and textured native hardwood compatible with internal and external applications, and Lumber Glue Laminated (LGL), a high-strength product that can span up to 16.8m in a single length. For certain engineered design splices this span may be even greater.

Glenrowan House with sustainable timber beams in living room interior

The Hyne Timber product catalogue also features Hyne T3 Green Plus, Australia’s first volatile organic compound (VOC) free, H3-treated timber for indoor and outdoor above ground use. Availing of a revolutionary water-based treatment that eliminates petrochemical odours and VOC emissions, T3 Green Plus offers guaranteed resistance to termite and wood rot when installed in accordance with Hyne Technical Details, making it ideal for outdoor and indoor framing projects in which moisture and humidity concerns are present. The versatile material is CodeMark™ Certified and fully compliant with all relevant requirements of the BCA, having been treated well above and beyond the applicable Australian Standards, and is safe for both the environment and humans: the H3 treatment employed during its production contains organic fungicides in addition to ingredients commonly used to protect food crops from pests.

Armidale Airport with sustainable timber beams

Similarly, Hyne T2 Blue and Hyne T2 Red have achieved CodeMark™ Certification indicative of an exemplary level of treatment quality, consistency, and compliance with the relevant Australian Standards. Together the two framing systems provide unbeatable protection against Australia’s more than 350 termite species while maintaining a high degree of safety for the environment, users, and wildlife alike. Both T2 products are termite resistant materials that may be used solely or in conjunction with other termite resistant materials to satisfy the NCC performance requirements and are fabricated from timber sourced sustainably from greenhouse-positive plantations. The treatment applied to T2 beams is petrochemical free and completely safe, with no requirements for annual inspections and maintenance. The two products are distinguished by their colour: T2 Blue is guaranteed to provide effective protection against termite species found south of the Tropic of Capricorn (Rockhampton, Queensland), while T2 Red provides the same assurance to all areas of Australia including areas north of Rockhampton (North of the Tropic of Capricorn). 

Sustainable timber GLT product range finish swatches

Hyne Timber is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Sustainability Awards, to be held at The Star in Sydney on 7 November 2019. Learn more about Hyne Timber’s selection of high performance, sustainable structural timber products at https://www.hyne.com.au.