Proper planning is critical for effective sustainable development. This is true at any scale, from offices and architectural projects to a whole business model or entire city. Behind every innovation and ‘Eureka!’ moment is a significant amount of time, research, and effort – in short, a large amount of planning and consideration.

Durability and performance therefore become highly respected values for any form of sustainable development; finding products and supplies that have gone through sufficient research and development themselves, and ensuring they are up to task, means a longer service life and less waste overall. 

HP PageWide Printing Technology has been developed with these qualities in mind for over a decade, eliminating many of the downsides of traditional inkjet printing through an iterative process and surpassing the capabilities of laser printing in many ways. While speed, quality, and cost were previously competing – often mutually exclusive – priorities, HP consistently offers PageWide printing solutions that offer speed, quality, and economy at scales ranging from the small office to commercial and industrial levels. HP PageWide commercial printers have been shown to be the best in class for both total cost of ownership and print speed, printing up to 75 black and white pages per minute. ENERGY STAR® certified, they also use up to 84 per cent less energy than equivalent laser printers, and have proven more reliable in operation than high volume printing and competitive printers.  

HP PageWide commercial printers manage this by employing HP Scalable Printing Technology (SPT), eliminating the trade-off between quality, speed and affordability with intelligent design, advanced technology and the inclusion of one page-wide, stationary printhead. Pages can print in a single pass, and the quality – afforded by advanced printhead technologies and specially formulated ink – can remain at its peak without sacrificing a job’s speed. The longevity of every PageWide printer is also enhanced thanks to this elimination of unnecessary moving parts. 

Far from being a paperless society, printers still hold an integral spot within today’s offices. As with any technology depended upon for day-to-day reliability, their durability and performance therefore becomes a highly relevant consideration when planning for sustainable development. The scalability, versatility and reliable quality, speed and cost of HP PageWide Printing Technology can offer businesses competitive printing solutions with maximum longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. 

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