We at Architecture & Design have many projects come across our desks on a constant basis. We see the best of innovation, sustainability, functionality and everything in between. Through consistent repetition, receiving and viewing projects and developments, you could say we have developed a certain sense of what should be worthy of recognition, both from an editorial and an event perspective.

Enter Editor Branko Miletic. A long-time writer, author and design aficionado. Branko’s expertise in curating projects and developments for Architecture & Design is second to none familiar with best practice his experience has been honed over the years. This is why this year, we’ve opted to include a new category that doesn’t require the scrutiny of our esteemed jury.

Editor’s Choice is a shiny new category rolling off the production line straight into the Sustainability Awards program. Submissions for any of the 14 categories are automatically eligible for Editor’s Choice, with Branko tasked with selecting an exemplar project that outshines the rest on the basis of their contribution to and consultation with their local community. Quite the task, don’t you think? Thankfully we think he’s up to it. 

Sika is the inaugural category partner of Editor’s Choice. Sika provides specialty systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting in the building sector and motor vehicle industry. Sustainability is a key component of Sika’s values, with the company making a conscious effort to reduce resource consumption both within the company as well as for its partners. As a member of the UN Global Compact, the company is committed to global sustainable development.

The inaugural winner of the Editor’s Choice category, presented by Sika, will be announced later this year at an in-person ceremony, the first in over two years. There’s a number of other new categories on offer that will be announced, and we can’t wait to see your projects. Submit them here now!